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We are forever naturally, our personal practice will too. What serves us one day, might not the next. What feels right today, may not tomorrow.

Our bodies will speak to us through movement. Our job is just to listen. And if we are quiet enough...if we are paying attention...there's an entire story to be told. How beautiful is that?!



I am so honored to be able to share the practice of yoga with others. 


Yoga allows us unique individuality for each person, practicing on their own mat, in rhythm with their own breath, doing the moves their own body calls for… no judgment, no competition.  It also unites us in community led by commonalities, holding space for one another - both on and off the mat. 


Always changing, ever the same- I am so in love with this practice.



Yoga teaches us to forgo attachments and expectations. You arrive in a space of humility and gratitude, somewhere beneath the surface. You are whole, you are abundant, you are enough!

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Each person's yoga journey takes a different path each and every time we step onto the mat. As a teacher, I encourage you to explore how your body moves and invite you to walk the line between effort and ease.



I started practicing yoga in college as a means of stress relief. I fell in love with the practice going to free classes along the riverfront in Harrisburg. There I was inspired to begin teacher training at Yoga on Chocolate in 2017. I strive to create a safe space for practitioners of all levels and styles. 


Yoga has always been about connections for me. Moving and breathing together as a community, laughing and crying, being as one. As a teacher, I hope to unite with my fellow yogis, providing them with the opportunity to experience the connectivity unique to yoga techniques. Demonstrating for people that yoga is whatever they want and/or need…strong & fierce or soft & comforting.




Life is a journey and yoga is an anchor.  No matter where I have been or where I am going, yoga is always there. To ground me in the present moment. To build a fire.  To find stillness. To fill my cup. And to find a fresh start each and every time I step on the mat. 

Yoga is for everybody and for every body. It doesn't just build builds community.  And this one is beautiful. Wherever you may be on your yoga journey, it is an absolute joy and privilege to be able to guide you in your practice.

The mat is here for you whenever you're ready. I'm so excited to be part of your journey. 



My love for yoga has completely transformed my life! During quarantine I started practicing yoga every day - it truly helped me find my inner peace in a very uncertain time. After practicing every day for over two years, I started my yoga teacher journey so I could spread my love for yoga to others. I understand the importance of finding my center, my inner calm, and coming back to myself through a daily practice. While my passion for yoga started with power and core intensive yoga, I enjoy teaching all levels and making yoga approachable for all.



Yoga is such an important part of my life. It has taught me more about my soul and my physical body, than I could ever imagine. Guiding others in their yoga practice brings me so much happiness. To witness others experience empowerment, contentment, and all of the emotions in-between, truly encourages and teaches me, every single time.  


Each practice is for you and only you, but the outcome produces a ripple effect that is endless, confirming we are all connected. I cannot wait to support you in your journey. 



“In a world that expects us to do and be so much, yoga invites you to be with yourself. It shows you how to find solace there. Yoga teaches you to meet yourself and others with curiosity and compassion. It is the journey and the homecoming. Yoga brings me so much gratitude and joy and I’m so excited to share this practice with you.”

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