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Flight School

Ready. Set. Fly!

Class/Event Description

Join Jessie (self proclaimed inversion enthusiast) for a fun workshop series exploring the depth of flight! Learn key muscle groups, breath patterns, strengthening drills & proper alignment....also how to exit safely!! Check out the breakdown below Workshop 1 READY: Laying down the foundation. In this workshop we will address all the details - key muscle groups, how to use props for assistance and where our breath plays a role. Beginning with some of the most frequently cued arm balances in a studio practice like Crow & headstands…we will start to lay the base. Workshop 2 SET: Time to build. Here we will focus on the different variations of our “foundation inversions” discovered in workshop #1. Combining the supportive base elements and new drills highlighting key muscle groups we will take our upside-down practice to the next level (Think Pincha, Funky Crow, Side Crow). As we continue to move our journey forward we will also touch on how to safely release from such poses as well. Workshop 3 FLY: Whats left? Flight! Our 3rd and final workshop in the series will focus on bringing it all together. Gathering all of our resources and new foundation from previous classes - we are going completely upside-down! We will take a look at handstands and a little more advanced arm balances like 8 angle & Peacock. Also, how to enter/dismount these poses safely when incorporated into our daily practice (besides when the teacher cues "play" time!)

  • Starts Mar 9
  • 108 US dollars
  • West Main Street

Available spots

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